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Welcome to the GWM/Haval Accessories page, where we showcase an impressive range of products specifically designed to elevate your driving experience with your GWM/Haval vehicle. Our accessories not only enhance the appearance of your car, but also provide added functionality and convenience. From towbars and nudge bars to sports bars and tonneau covers, we offer high-quality, durable accessories tailored for the H2, H6, P Series, Steed, and Jolion models. Browse through our selection and find the perfect accessory to personalize your GWM/Haval, ensuring a smooth and stylish ride every time.


    H2: R4624.80
    H6: R4680
    Jolion: R4341.65
    Steed: R4412.61
    P Series: R5400


    H6: R3168
    Jolion: R5175
    Steed (Black): from R3920
    Steed (Stainless): from R4492.50
    P Series (Black): from R4675
    P Series (Stainless): from R5091.50


    Steed (Black): R5925
    Steed (Stainless): R 6636
    P Series (Black): R4930
    P Series (Stainless): R5865


    P Series (Plain): R3400
    P Series (STD Roll Bar): R3900
    P Series (ARTAV RB): R3400
    Steed: from R3388


    Jolion: from R248.40
    P Series: from R248.40

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